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My fitness story has been a roller coaster, from being overweight at the age of 16 (I was 112kg) and eating about as much junk food and sitting in front of the couch, the most exercise I did was changing the TV channels with the remote.  I never did sports at school either.  Then at the age of 20 I decided enough was enough and completely took action.

It was all about hard work and determination and I managed to turn my life around.  This has given me an experience and an insight to knowing exactly what it takes from going to one end of the spectrum to another, it was a hard journey but it showed that determination and hard work you can accomplish anything.

This is what motivated me to become a fitness professional and set up my own business in fitness,  I want to use my experience to help people to achieve their goals! provide you with my life changing nutritional and training plans for  building lean muscle mass and losing that excess body fat.


Model & Business owner

"I have been working with OBI as my personal trainer since mid January, and I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve had so far. In the past three month with OBI’s help and guidance. He has been encouraging but also gives me the push I need to do just a little more. He has also..."

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