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Fashion Designer

"I went to Obi because I wanted to put on mass so and being naturally slim I thought it would be quite a challenge, but after 12 weeks with Obi I started to notice a big change in my body.  He made me realize that training wasn’t just in the gym but outside of the gym in terms of nutrition and sticking to the plan.  I have used both his online services and one to one training.  As you can see I am now proud to show off my body."


International swimsuit model

"I went to Obi after having a baby and to prepare for photoshoots.  His knowledge and methods of training is absolutely amazing.  I always looked forward to our sessions."


Trainee UFC fighter​

" As an active person who part takes in weight lifting 5 days a week and Mixed Martial Arts 4 times a week, it is critical for me to get key food thats are going to aid me to better recovery and muscle growth along with keeping me fit and healthy. Obi's knowledge is outstanding and his like encyclopedia."


Model & Business owner

"I have been working with OBI as my personal trainer since mid January, and I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve had so far. In the past three month with OBI’s help and guidance. He has been encouraging but also gives me the push I need to do just a little more. He has also helped me with dietary suggestions to go along with my exercise plan. For me it has been a great asset to have someone to be accountable to and I would recommend OBI to anyone seeking assistance getting into better shape. I look forward to reaching my ultimate goal, and am really happy to have a trainer like OBI to help me succeed."

Richard. B - LONDON


"I have been training with David for over 6 months and in that time I have seen huge improvements in my stamina, strength and fitness. I am over 50 and have trained regularly for the last few years but David has pushed me hard every week so I see continuous improvement and far exceed the effort of my routine when I train alone!"

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